15 SepAnnotated Bibliography

Hi everyone, this is my bibliography for my research project. I will be adding new sources to this one, so keep an eye out for those changes!

This article is very helpful for the research paper. It describes a problem that has occurred on the Hubble Telescope. It states that Kathryn Sullivan is one of the astronauts to go and fix the problem. They were able to fix it and get the telescope back in orbit

Sawyer, Kathryn. “Hubble Telescope Spreads Its Wings.” The Washington Post 26 Apr. 1990: 1. Print.

This is my primary source. It is an article written by Kathryn Sullivan. It describes women’s struggle to be able to go to space, and how different women fought it, and how they were affected by not going into space.

Sullivan, Kathryn. “Ad Astra per Aspera.” American Scientist 92.1 (2004): 74-76. Print.

This is a newspaper article that explains what women were going into space. Sally ride and Kathryn Sullivan are two of the women going into space. It also says that they are the first women to go into space, and it says that Kathryn Sullivan was the first woman to walk in space.

Anonymous. “6 of America’s 8 Women Astronauts to Fly in ’84.” New York Times 19 Nov. 1983: 26. Print.

In this article, the author talks about all of Kathryn Sullivan’s achievements. It says how she was the first woman to walk in space. It also lists all of her awards and different Hall of Fame awards. It also says that she has received many degrees and honors.

Anonymous. “Kathryn Sullivan to Receive Sigma XI’s McGovern Award.” American Scientist 99.3 (2011). Print.

In this article, the author talks about how Kathryn Sullivan returned to her former high school to receive an award. While she recieved her award, she also gave the students a speech, motivating them to get good educations if they wanted to be able to face the challenges in life. It also talks about Sullivan receiving her bachelor of science degree.

Anonymous. “Students Salute Astronaut Sullivan.” The Washington Post 22 Nov. 1984: 81. Print.

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