15 SepWhy I chose Kathryn D. Sullivan

Kathryn D. Sullivan is an amazing role model for any young woman. She paved the way for future women who want to go into space. I was intrigued by Dr. Sullivan because she was the first women to walk in space, and I wanted to learn why. Dr. Sullivan was born October 3, 1951 in Patterson, New Jersey. Her parents are Donald P. Sullivan, Barbara K Sullivan. She lived in Woodland Hills, California. Dr. Sullvian has been a Geologist, Oceanographer, NASA Mission Specialist, and a Veteran of three Space Shuttle missions. From the years of 1978 to 1992, Dr. Sullivan was a Mission Specialist Astronaut in NASA’s Space Shuttle program. Dr. Sullivan learned land remote sensing techniques as Mission Manager and in-flight scientist aboard NASA’s high-altitude WB-57F aircraft. She flew in three shuttle missions. In 1984, Dr. Sullivan was on the Challenger and became the first woman to walk in space. 1990, she was an EVA (Extra Vehicular Activity) Mission Specialist aboard Discovery, on the Hubble Space Telescope deployment mission. In 1992, Dr Sullivian was the Payload Commander for the Atlas-1 Spacelab which was also her final flight. She became a part of national civilian space policy when she was appointed to the National Commission on Space in 1985. Very involved in science education. She helped create the Challenger Center for Space Science Education.

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