07 NovRobert Crippen

Robert L. Crippen

I chose Robert L. Crippen to be the contemporary to Kathryn D. Sullivan because I noticed that they were on one of the same space missions. I also chose him because he went into space. I think that people that have gone into space are very brave people. I think it takes a lot of courage going to the unknown. Especially if something goes wrong on the mission, the only ones to fix are the astronauts themselves.

They both have been awarded numerous awards. Robert Crippen received more than Sullivan, however Robert L. Crippen served in the military so many of his awards come from there. Also, Crippen is an aerospace engineer, while Sullivan is a Geologist. Unfortunately, at the time, NASA was more prone at the time to hire males as opposed to females. This leads to Crippen going on four space flights, while Sullivan went on three. However, Sullivan performed multiple EVA, while Crippen didn’t perform any. Kathryn D. Sullivan never married, and Robert Crippen married and had three daughters. There have been 54 women have been in space whereas 306 men have been in space.

As it was said before, NASA was more prone to hire males. However, I also think that NASA was more prone to hire males is that males had experience as pilots, whereas women were never allowed to be pilots. Also, Robert Crippen showed that early on he was always interested in space because of his degree in Aerospace Engineering whereas Kathryn Sullivan was more interested in the Earth.

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